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Snapchat Ephemeral Video Marketing

by Jag

The advertisers are always on the search for a new and comfortable ways for their product and services marketing. As the communication has improved with the latest technologies and innovations in the form of services and applications via mobile, the marketers are focusing more on the technology for their marketing. Among those new ways, the Snapchat came into the use of better marketing and better consumer reach for the marketers.

The Snapchat is the time and image-based social application which was released and have updated to the iOS which supports the application. it has good new features in which as support to the use of single reply button option.

Features of Snapchat for marketers and its usage

Snapchat is designed as the viewers can have the chance to view only once per snap. The viewer must be alert and concentrated towards the engagement instantly, and the viewers can watch and rewatch the snapper day. As the people have argued this one-time snap view, it has updated its feature for the rewatching option with its replay button. The messages on Snapchat will disappear automatically within a short period.The replay option can be used one time per a day.

The brands can use the 10 seconds snap instead of long and lengthy messages on the Snapchat. Many brands and companies like 16 handles have tried this application as their marketing strategy and adequately achieved the things. The campaign was carried on Snapchat and successfully engaged nearly 2000 costumers towards their store. Many sports channels and other brands were also using the Snapchat application as their strategy, and it was revealed that more than 62 million installations along with the 34 million monthly users are noted for Snapchat use.