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20 Facts about Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is one of the major apps in Video marketing especially in a business category. Everyone runs their business by this type of apps that are much popular in Public. The following are unknown of facts of Snapchat Discover that every individual should know.

Facts about Snapchat Discover

  1. Snapchat discover is the biggest update on the Snapchat application
  2. The users can watch the news in Snapchat stories
  3. The stories will get disappear within 24 hours
  4. Fresh content will be updated for every 24 hours by replacing the old content
  5. To make your device compatible with the Snapchat discover, you must install the latest version.
  6. Users can search by category and can watch the video
  7. Snapchat also featured the sponsored ads which were get included in the story
  8. Users can swipe right to watch the desired video
  9. Users can swipe down to read the new stories
  10. Users can swipe left to go back to the previous session on Snapchat discover
  11. Users can also allowed to skip the videos on Snapchat discover using the finger
  12. In order to exit from the Snapchat discover, you can swipe upwards which will get back to the main menu on the device
  13. When compared to the other ads, theads on discover is comparatively cheaper.
  14. Snapchat also allows the advertising deals from the brands b y publishers to get featured on the Discover feature
  15. The ads on discover costs $0.16
  16. The Snapchat discover feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms
  17. According to the recent survey reports, it was revealed that the data consumption rates via Snapchat had increased five times than previous
  18. The discovery tool on Snapchat was increasing the data consumption in app
  19. More than half of the smart devices users were consuming the news after the arrival of discovering feature on Snapchat application.
  20. The discover feature on Snapchat allows the Fullscreen images and the videos which helps the marketers for effective promotions and advertising on the app.


This will give the clear idea of uses of Snapchat mainly for the purpose of marketing. We can say that this app could be the unexpected communication device to increase the growth of the business.


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