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Top 10 Sling TV Competitors

Sling TV Competitors

Sling TV is the service of Dish Network. It offers many packages and this is one of the major popular television services. Dish TV could access many markets with Sling TV and the reason for the acquisition cost for Sling TV customers is very low. There are many numbers of Sling TV Competitors for live streaming services.

Sling TV Competitors

1. Amazon is used by around 54 million members in the US along.

2. Hulu live streaming is used by more than twelve million paid subscribers and 67 million monthly viewers.

3. Netflix can be accessed anywhere on compatible devices from the site or from the app. Users can watch the television series, movies, documentaries etc.

4. Direct TV Now offers free trail and the base package is $35 per month per 100+ channels. It allows two simultaneous streams per account.

5. Playstation Vue has its base package as $30 per month for more than 45 channels. It allows 5 simultaneous streams per account. Sony has more than 65 million subscribers.

6. Fubo TV is a great option for sports lovers. Users can access sports channels for $10 per month.

7. Amazon Prime Video is another popular service and television series and movies can be accessed.

8. HBO Now allows accessing new episodes, old episodes etc.

9. VidAngel is another cool service and allows filtering of content to watch.

10. PureFlix is a service similar to Netflix. Family friendly movies and television shows can be watched on this.

The package of Sling TV begins from $20 per month. Streaming of videos is allowed on multiple devices by Dish Network. This is an added advantage to fight the competitors for Sling television to become one of the best entertainment service providers. The above article gives you an idea of how many number of strong Sling TV Competitors your facing.

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