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20 Singapore Online Video Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Singapore Online Video Statistics

Video consumption rates are just mind blowing as they are going beyond the web usage and extended with the multi-device targeting and viewing. Here are some interested Singapore Online Video Statistics.

Singapore Online Video Statistics

1. More the 89 percent of the internet population belonged to Singapore have watched the video content in the month of August and the average viewer had consumed around 11 hours of video.

2. A report revealed that the people in Singapore are watching 132 videos in 5 minutes as an average.

3. Most engaged demographic in Singapore area is aged between 15 -25 years old.

4. An average Singapore user is watching at least 198 videos per month.

5. More than 16 hours video content has been consumed across Singapore.

6. People aged above 54 are showing great engagement with the online video content.

7. A high percent of unique video viewers in Singapore are aged between 24 -44 years.

8. Overall internet users in Singapore are watching more than 321 million videos

9. Facebook is in second place with 10 million video views and other sites with 4.5 million videos.

10. According to survey reports on the average annual growth of online video in Singapore is increased by 35 percent in 2016 comparing to previous reports.

11. More than 15 percent growth is observed in active internet users

12. Above 16 percent growth was noticed in active social media users.

13. More than 20 percent growth was reported in active mobile video users.

14. 6 out of 10 people in Singapore are stratified with the mobile video friendly website.

15. More than 80 percent people in Singapore are using at least three different devices.

16. 3.4 million Singaporeans are using smart phones to watch video content.

17. More than 40 percent people in Singapore are purchasing their goods online and making their transaction offline.

18. More than 12.25m broadband users are there in Singapore and 10m broadband users are going wireless.

19. Singapore has the highest broadband speed in the world.

20. Highest video sharing of more than 240 hours are shared at an average every month.

All these above are the statistical data of the online video consumption, usage and mode of using in Singapore with reference to the recent survey reports carried by various companies.

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