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How to Shoot, Edit, and Upload 360-Degree Videos

360 Degree Videos

360-degree videos allow the users to capture the video all round with high definition and unique angle view which is now trending online. Even the video Giant Youtube platform gave its support to the 360-degree videos on its platform. While playing the 360-degree videos we can see the scene while they are playing. This makes the content even more interesting and interactive. These videos can be viewed on Oculus and Google cardboard. It is now working with the Apple iOS and features will extend to another platform later. It becomes the latest trending topic on the web and everyone was like to try out this new 360 degree videos. Here is the guide on 360-degree videos which helps in editing, shooting and uploading of the 360-degree videos.

Shooting 360

With the development of the new technology, the  new cameras which are specially manufactured and designed for the 360 degrees came into the market. The Youtube is also compatible with some four camera options Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360 etc. by using these cameras or rigs, you can shoot the video in 360 degrees. That means a full view of the scene in all directions can be captured. While shooting, be sure that you have better lighting all over as you are shooting all directions.


Many platforms are come into use to edit the 360-degree videos in special and also compatible with the Youtube platform. Some software’s like Kolor Autopano software etc works for both the windows and as well as on the Mac. This software syncs the content automatically and allows you to able  rendering the high definition in individual frames.

Uploading 360

You can upload the 360-degree videos on to the Youtube platform if you have used compatible cameras or rigs along with the particular format. It is not that much easy to upload a 360-degree video on to the Youtube platform. The video must be scribe to the app and then the metadata must be included to enable the playback.

Creation of 360 enabling file

•    Download the metadata for the 360 from app for Mac and as well as for windows

•    Unzip the file and right click app to open

•    Selection of the video file

•    Choose Inject and save option

•    Enter the name for creation

•    Save the file to create the new one at same location

•    Upload the new file on to Youtube platform

•    Wait for 360-degree effect

•    It took an hour or two

Here is the Example of 360 Degree Video :

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