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How To Setup Twitch Alerts In OBS

Twitch is the only platform that broadcast the live streaming video games. Twitch is the hub where the gaming hunters can find the treasury. By using this platform most of the creators are becoming popular by playing a role on Twitch. Here the game lovers will display the video content while playing online games. Most of the Twitch players are fulfilling their financial status by using Twitch.

Do you want to get the Twitch Alerts with OBS?

When anyone subscribes or follows at your channel, then it will be notified on Twitch?

To know how to get those notifications just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Twitch and sign in to the Twitch.TV account.
  • Then download CLR Browser Source Plugin.
  • Choose the browser either 32 bit or 64 bit as you prefer.
  • Open the OBS folder from program files on ‘C drive’ and extract files if not.
  • After that open, the OBS where you can find scenes and from there choose ‘add’ at the image.
  • Then you can view the CLR browser from the add and then close.
  • Now pick the Twitch Alerts from the ‘scenes’ where you need to paste the URL which has been copied from the Twitch Alerts browser.
  • Then move back to Twitch and choose the ‘Test Follow Alert’.
  • Finally when someone follows your channel then the alert will appear on OBS.
  • In the same way Test subscription alert, Test donation alert and Test hosting alert can be chosen to find the arrival of the subscribers at your channel.


You want to have a quick look at who is following, donating and subscribing to your channel just apply all these simple and easy steps. The changes can make through the settings option of Twitch Alerts. If you are passionate about the games and then make use of Twitch platform through which the startup can easily gain more audiences in short period.

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