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SES and Fraunhofer Broadcast Live 360° Panorama Video [Review]



SES and Fraunhofer HHI will broadcast Live 360-degree Panorama video via Satellite with HEVC. It offers Panoramic Glimpse into the Future of TV with Live Virtual reality demos.

Viewers can navigate and use 360-degree Panorama zoom in and out effects when you use remote control. SES is a World’s Satellite Operator that it can deliver and differentiate Scalable worldwide offerings.

The Panorama signals are received from the SES and transmitted to an Ultra HD displays, and Virtual Reality Head Mounted Devices. Viewers can able to choose the perfect angles, Zoom in and out options through Remote control or they can choose other ways like where the video VR Signals deliver such as ware VR headset.

Fraunhofer HHI works as a highly effective HEVC encoder which can compress a large amount of Panorama video content so it can broadcast data on TV’s through satellites.

Fraunhofer demonstrated that the TV viewers could consume 360-degree video without using VR Glassed also. Innovative DVB-S2X will modulator is designed to allow for better bandwidth and high quality broadcast throughout TV broadcasting.

Dr.Ralf Schafer declared that “ We use a combination of technologies here exactly to showcase what is possible when using hybrid approaches” who is the Head of Division Video Fraunhofer HHI.

The Vice President of Reception Systems of SES, Thomas Wrede Said “ For a reliable broadcasting of Video content to millions of households using the highest level of resolution and a geostationary system is Virtually unbeatable “.

The combination of SES and Fraunhofer HHI Camera Systems together brings with high capacity of satellite transmission for Virtual reality experience on Ultra HD TV screens.

SES is truly showcasing cutting-edge technologies, continuously focusing on investigating new technologies and working for television viewing and aiming to focus more on immersive technologies.

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