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What is Sequential Video Advertising ?

Sequential Video Advertising

It is just not enough to upload an advertisement online and wait for the prospective customers to watch it, visit the official website and the sales will be increased. Customers now are very savvier on Sequential Video Advertising.

They want to learn more about the product or service, they want to be educated on the finer points and then get convinced to decide the buying process.

Sequential video advertising is the new tactic that the marketers are using to convince the prospective customers to buy the product.

This type of advertising gives an opportunity to the marketers to follow the engagement of customers across devices and optimise the advertisement.

Digital gives the opportunity to measure the success of the advertising. To get the insights of the journey of the buyer through decision making of product buying, we need to multiple cross-device tracking.

Consumers are now using multiple devices to consume online content. The advertisers need to understand how each of these devices such as tablets, Smartphone, and desktops play in the decision making the journey.

Is there a difference in the impact the desktop or the television makes on the consumer? Do advertisements watched on the tablets indicate a high level of interest? Can the advertiser play same ads on tablets and desktops or should it be changed? To answer the above questions, big data solutions need.

Sequential video advertising allows tracking the engagement of users on different devices in real time. Higher quality leads can target, and they can place the targeted ads before mobile users.

Based on the clicks of the user, they can follow up with similar ads and messages to the consumer when he consumes content from other devices.

The marketer can starts with a starter commercial and follow up with ads that engage the customers, give them irresistible offers and then compel them to close the sale by purchasing the product.

Sequential video advertising gives better control for the marketers on their messaging. Sequential video advertising strategy include created series ads built on each other to increase user engagement. These create a dialogue with the audience. Every view, engagement and click on the video message.

Sequential video advertising on social media is also emerging. It is possible to target unique profile IDs with sequential video ads on Facebook. Snapchat is introducing a type of sequential advertising package called sequenced messaging.

Brands can run back to back videos ads. Using the Snapchat new sequenced ad package, the advertisers can purchase a thirty-second asset and divide it into three ten second spots. These three spots can be used to tell a story.

Sequential advertisers allow marketers to target only the prospective customers who were engaged with the advertisement earlier and send them a series of follow-up messages. This can be done with Facebook and Twitter.

Sequential advertising can be help for increasing brand awareness and for direct response conversion campaigns.

Storytelling using sequential advertising also helps to drive clicks to the website and also drives people who are probably close to making the purchase. Studies found the sequencing ads leads to a better outcome than sustained messages.

Marketers, however, need to be very careful not to bore the audience with their sequence ads in different phases.

The first phase of a sequential ad should introduce the brand. In the second phase of the ad, marketers must reveal more details about the product and in the third ad, summarize brand and product and then place a clear call to action.

These type of advertisement particularly work well for new brands to create brand awareness and encourage the prospective customers to visit their official site.

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