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SEO for a New YouTube Video: Primary Things to do After Uploading

Everyone starts the YouTube channel with the main intention of being top vlogger on YouTube. How to optimize the YouTube video for better search engine results can be found here.

Is it possible to hold only through simple upload on YouTube?

I say no.

Some other platforms are playing a role in the success of YouTube. The most of the traffic for one YouTube channel will be acquired through the search engine.

Then how to make search engine optimization before uploading the YouTube video? Here are the tips that are mostly required to get more views and traffic as well.

Upload Video with Filename as Primary Keyword in it

After the creation of the video mention the file as it has been given as the primary keyword when you are intended to upload. When the primary keyword has hunted on the search engine, then the file might appear at first page of results.

Upload Video after Encoding is done

The video encoding must do by following the certain specifications like the video should in the MP4 format, AAC-LC sample rate should be 96 kHz to 48 kHz, H.264 video codec and the frame rate should be 24, 25,30,48,50 and 60 frames per second. After all, these have been applied then upload the video to YouTube.

Upload Custom Thumbnail with an Optimized Image in it

Always choose the different thumbnail for the video you upload, and this thumbnail works as the flavor to clutch the audience at a glance. Try to insert the most compelling thumbnails in the video that found nowhere.

Select the Best Category for your Video

Pick the final category to make the videos that are most trending on the other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc. The selection of a particular concept for the video will greatly impact on the audience.

When we consider YouTube platform we can find multiple videos either may be music, cooking, sports, movies, technical, politics, and gaming, etc. In this, there are plenty of subcategories depending on your interest.

Write Perfect Keyword Rich Title, Description and Tags

The title of the video will be appeared as the search page titles hence always give the hunting titles including the primary keyword. The description will be displayed in the search results along with the content you upload.

Then include the primary keyword in it as well, be sure that that word count would cross more than 150 words. The tags should place that is entirely relevant to the video content you upload.

Start Writing Language Translation Metadata for your Video

Multilingual preference is the best option to strike at each global audience. Choose the different language platforms while making the video. The Google website is the best language transcoder which can operate by using language that is familiar to each.

Start Sharing in your Existing Social Media Platforms

With the addition of YouTube consider remaining social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to share the uploaded videos. The social sharing is the simple tactic which shows huge results in very less time.

Start Implementing External Links

Show your involvement at others channels by commenting on their videos with the addition of your video links. Cope up with the other YouTubers or influencers to insert your video links to their blogs or vlogs and vice versa. This tragedy will hook unexpected traffic to your channel through the search engine.

Start Embedding Video in your Websites and Blogs

The embedded videos will have demand as they are most flexible to share on any social media platform associated with the search engine.


These are the SEO strategies that are needed while uploading the video to YouTube. These tactics will drain huge traffic with uncountable views which lead to increase the ranking of your channel.

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