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Secret Features Available On Facebook Video

Secret Features Available On Facebook Video

Facebook was born with the intention to connect people so that long last friends always keep in touch. While billions of users watch and use Facebook all the time, there are some features to Facebook that remain alien to the rest of the world. The site’s rich history includes dozens of unusual use cases, several redesigns, and countless new features. After 11 years of tweaks, you’ve probably gotten comfortable with the standard Facebook toolset posts, ads, events, and so on. But if we move past the classic line-up, you’ll find that there are many overlooked and, in some cases, hidden Facebook Video features that you might not know about that could benefit your overall strategy.

  • Available within Ads Manager, Audience Insights differs from Page Insights in that it looks at trends about your current or potential customers, whereas the latter only looks at the interactions with your Page. Although some demographic information is available on Page Insights, this is an important, separate tool designed to help you dive deeper and learn more about your target audiences.
  • Bookmark your favourite apps, pages, and groups from the home page. It’s the list of the News Feed, just below your profile picture.
  • One day it was there, and the next, it was gone. For the longest time, Facebook offered a " Remove from events" link at the bottom of every event page, so that you could delete the event from your invites without rudely declining. Now, that option is hidden. To remove an event without declining, find your name on the guest list (left), hover over it, and click the x. Click Okay to confirm. The organiser won’t be notified of your action.
  • The four boxes below your cover photo can customise to your liking. Click the arrow on the number (on the right) to expand all your apps. Then, hover over a box, click the pencil, and you’ll see an option to swap the box with something else, or remove it entirely.
  • Friends. They mean well, but sometimes cross the line when tagging you in a post or photo you’d rather not make public to your friend list. Thankfully, Facebook gives you the option to approve tagged posts before they go live on your Timeline and in the News Feed for all your friends and family to see. Go to Account, Privacy Settings and select Edit settings next to " How tags work." Then hit Edit next to Profile Review and you’ll be prompted to turn on the settings. Now, every time someone tags you in a status, photo, or place, you’ll receive a notification and will be asked to approve the tag.

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