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Science behind Short Video Ads Success [Study]


Video had changed the whole internet promoting and publicizing biological community today. A few advertisers are taking after the breakthrough drifts in the video publicising and promoting to meet their business objectives.Some of them are just following the traditional way of advertising.

But, the surveys and studies were revealed that video content has great demand and people are looking for the videos to make their purchase decisions which are revealed recently by observing the micro-moments of the consumers online.

The social video ads play an important role in the web. people are connected with the social media platforms all the time, and it is a clever play to reach the people where they spend their time as a part of their day.

Platforms like Facebook, Youtube etc. are offering best services for the advertisers to advertise their products and services with creative ads using different tools on their platforms. So, the social platforms were also encouraging the video ads of short length.

Science Behind Short Video Ads

The majority of people prefer short video ads across the web. As it is a general psychological behaviour of the humans that if anyone tries to convey the message, they will not get ready to learn the things and if they want to learn something for their need, they just spend a lot of time.

So, it is simple that long-form video ads cannot attract the audience towards it. But a short form video ad which makes the user interested towards it as it requires just 30 to 60 seconds to complete.

Tips To Create Short Video Ads:

Highlighting the thing what makes your Brands popular.Tell the user why your brand is great with other brands in short video ad.

Limit the Timing of Your Video Ad as shorter and eye catchy. Have an idea for your script to create a shorter video, most of the online video ads do not have a time limit of 30 sec or less than that.

Use call to action button in the video ads, that allow the user to contact with brands directly. Call to action button in the middle of the video or at the end of the video.

Tell the users why should they choose your brand instead of other brands. The video Ad should describe the purpose of the video for first few seconds.


Every small business using short video ads for promoting their brands, increasing their sales and growth rate of their company. But we should think of customer reviews about out brands. So, while creating a shorter video ad we should have customers in mind how to reach each customer to promote the brand.

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