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Top 10 Samsung Gear VR Games and Apps

SamSung Gear Vr

Several apps and games are available now to be enjoyed on virtual reality devices. Here is the list of top apps and games for Samsung Gear VR and these can be downloaded via Oculus store or Samsung Milk VR store.

  1. Minecraft Gear VR Edition is similar to the mobile pocket edition. Survival and creative modes are available. Minecraft Gear VR Edition priced £5. The game can be played on the television as well in windowed view.
  2. Smash Hit VR is another adoption of a mobile game. The user tosses the ball to shatter the glass panes and sculptures. The experience is dazzling in VR with beautiful sights and satisfying thrills. The game can be played for free.
  3. Hitman Go is a popular mobile game and can be played perfectly on VR tool. The user needs to find the way through threats and hazards to complete each stage.
  4. Proton Pulse is a simple game that is great to play with Samsung Gear. You play the game in 3D here. The user tries to break bricks with the ball. Price to play the game is £2.29.
  5. Samsung Milk VR is a 360-degree video portal of Samsung. The Gone is the original series on this. A girl disappears, and the user has to piece together what happened by examining the clues.
  6. Discovery VR is an app where you can watch a collection of documentaries. Discovery VR can be downloaded from Oculus.
  7. Next VR allows watching live and on-demand sporting events including heavyweight boxing matches and NFL games. NextVR also can be downloaded from Oculus.
  8. VRINOR is an app that allows watching operations such as hip replacement or tooth implant. The app gives the feeling that the user is the doctor. This fascinating app can be downloaded from Oculus.
  9. Sketchfab VR allows uploading 3D and VR content. Sketchfab VR is for those who appreciate details of paintings or sculptures. The experiences are separated by vehicles, game worlds, animals, places etc. Download this from Oculus.
  10. Great Header is a game that allows playing soccer with head on Samsung Gear VR. Oculus is the place from where you can download this.

The above mentioned are only a few popular Samsung Gear VR apps and games available on Oculus. Enjoy them on Samsung Gear VR headset that comes with a price of around $100.

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