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Roles and Responsibilities of Video Ad Operations Manager

Video Ad Operations Manager

The marketers are interested in promoting their products across various platforms.  Some of the most famous platforms include that of YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, Periscope, Meerkat etc.Each of the platforms offers different advantages as well as limitations.The ultimate aim of content promotion has to be achieved by ‘Video Ad Operations Manager’.

Different organizations offer different titles for the person in charge of Ad operations section and some of the titles include:

• Advertising Manager

• Digital advertising

• Online advertising

• Promotions director

• Marketing director

• Account executive

• Marketing & Promotions Manager

• Marketing Manager

What is the job description of Video Ad Ops Manager? The person in charge of video ad operations will oversee a team of advertisers (in the house as well as consultants).His job profile will be to ensure that information about the organization, its products and services are passed on to the general public through online content promotion.As there is tough competition for the position, it is essential to know the requirements for this position which are as under:

He is supposed to contain communication & analytical skills in addition to personal skills as he is required to work in a team and also coordinate and lead the team.The manager is required to possess the capability of multi-tasking and ability to deal with stringent deadlines.His interpersonal skills are essential and key personal skills include active listening & social perception.

What AD Ops Manager is supposed to look after?  Though the content promotion department comes directly under sales organization, it may be functioning sometimes under IT or as an individual entity.  The manager is primarily responsible for other functions such as pricing, ad product creation, research & vendor management.

The Manager leads a team of advertisers and supervises the output of these advertisers.  He is also responsible for ad scheduling, coordination with external consultants for preparation and promotion of content.

He is supposed to provide the required information to the consultant about the company, product and the budget as well (specific information about the targeted audience including their demographics is inbuilt).He has to ensure that the consultant is able to deliver the best possible output (aptly suiting the requirements of the company as well as its intended buyers).

Performance monitoring of ad campaign: Once the ad campaign is going on, it is the Ad Ops Manager who is responsible for monitoring the performance of the campaign and the response that it is able to generate.  He has to coordinate with the consultant to modify the content (if it is so desired by the viewers).He has to get the response monitored using several technologies/tips.

Test and evaluate new strategies, tactics, and partnership opportunities: Being the head of ad promotion department, the manager must be able to test & evaluate new strategies for promotion of his content.He may be also instrumental in finalizing partnership opportunities as well.  Strategies that the manager can utilize in this section include:

• He has to be a strategic communicator to find out who the decision maker is (at the purchaser end).

• He has to craft a strategy to get the best output from his employees.

• He has to identify and utilize opinion leaders & also select the right channels for promotion of his products.

• He has to be able to provoke dialogue and on obtaining feedback, he will be able to evaluate his own plan. This will enable him to modify the campaign if required.

In a constantly changing business environment, strategic partnership with multiple parties/channels is essential.Being in charge of content promotion, the manager must be able to assess the proposed partners and also analyze the pros & cons of various proposals that might come to him during the process of the ad campaign.

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