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Roku Ad Insights Suite For OTT Advertising Measurements [Review]

Roku Ad Insights Suite

Roku is one of the best TV streaming services among all Over the Top services. Recently Roku introduced a new Roku Ad Insights Suite for advertising measurements to check the effectiveness of OTT TV and Linear Campaigns.

The suite named as “Ad Insights” which helps the marketers to measure and check how effective advertising campaigns are running at the same time estimate the demography of Linear and OTT TV Ad content.

Roku Ad Insights Suite was driven by the Roku’s First party data and the linear and the streaming viewership habits of millions of monthly active Account holders and billions of Roku TV streaming hours.

Roku is also collaborating with the research providers such as Kantar Millward Brown, Experian, Oracle Data Cloud, etc., to provide third-party measurements.

The Roku Ad Insights Suite allows marketers able to measure or quantify the demographic segments across OTT, i.e., apps, Linear TV, Desktop, Mobile, TV services provided networks like Roku.

Advertisers can target and measure the campaigns delivered to the Roku users who do not use traditional TV subscription services.

“Our Investment in New Measurement Tool reflects our strong commitment to helping the brands fully leverage the benefits of OTT advertising,” said Scott Rosenberg, GM of platform Business at Roku.

Roku Ad Insights Suite Includes

Reach Insights:

Marketers can measure or quantify the unique results of campaign reach by demographic segments across OTT, Linear TV, desktop, Mobile and TV streaming services like Roku.

Tune-in Insights:

Advertisers and Marketers can measure the effectiveness content promotion; TV ad Campaigns run on Linear TV, desktop, Mobile, and OTT Streaming.

Cord-Cutter Insights:

Marketers can measure the result and target the campaigns delivered to the Roku OTT users who do not use traditional pay-TV subscription.

Survey Insights:

Marketers can gather and survey the real-time feedbacks, demographic insights with short on delivery surveys and also based on age and gender.


Roku announced that Ad Insights was the First Over the Top platform to integrate Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings(DAR) and offers audience guaranteed demographic insights to the marketers. The above is all about the Roku’s New Ad Insights Suite for OTT Advertising Measurements.

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