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Roku 4k Streaming Media Box with Cross Platform Search Feature

Streaming devices were trending in the present digital market on the web. With the increase in the video watching behavior of the people streaming devices have good demand today. The popular streaming device Roku 4 has officially launched the product with an updated software designing and support. The new Roku 4 was supporting with the 4K with ultra High definition picture quality and HD TV’s. It is designed and equipped with a faster processor with better Wi-Fi. It also has great memory space and audio out features.


The New Roku streaming device software, the Roku Feed allows the users to book mark the movies and TV shows and made them available for the streaming. The operating system 7 can able to track the home screen in which the new videos in the feed can be available during the price changes. Roku feed is just like the DVR in which the new content can be available all the time.

The system was extended to the Roku mobile app which helps the users to add the feeds from anywhere. The app let the users to send the notifications to your phone or tablet whenever the new content was arrived. The user can use the app launch videos on the Roku itself.

Everything is new

Along with the Roku OS 7 the new TV streaming box, Roku 4 came into the market with the new Special 4k spotlight section which allows the users to consume the super high resolution. The Rokus 4 quad core processor allows the users to support latest Wifi standards along with good audio output. The users can search the content on cross platforms with new Roku 4k streaming device. It is most attractive feature which not there in other streaming devices in the market.

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