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Rode Videomic Pro [Review]

Rode Videomic Pro

Rode Videomic Pro

Rode Videomic Pro is a shotgun Microphone which builds on the success of its predecessor, and it is very convenient and lightweight shotgun mic. The Videomic Pro is significantly smaller, lighter and more convenient than its predecessor.

With its keen price, it brings the high-quality vocal recording to run and gun video shooters, it’s great for relatively close work and comes highly recommended in the entry level shotgun market.


• Rode VideoMic Pro Compact has a handy dB pad that allows switching between -10 dB, 0 and +20 dB modes.

• Compact, lightweight body

• Broadcast recording quality

• Condenser microphone

• Integrated shock mount provides isolation from handling / mechanical noise.

• Integrated foam windshield

• 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output (dual mono)

• Rugged construction

• Built-in power source

• Built-in low cut filter

• Integrated hot shoe foot

• 1/8” TRS connector for secure connection to VDSLRs



  1. The VideoMic Pro will run continuously for over 70 hours with a high-quality alkaline or lithium battery.
  2. The integrated High Pass Filter should be switched on to reduce the resulting low-frequency rumble.
  3. The VideoMic Pro securely fastened to your camera and the audio output lead connected; you can switch the microphone on and start recording.
  4. The right setting (+20) will increase the signal level by 20dB. When your camera requires a higher input level for better signal to noise ratio, then it is useful for recording sound sources.
  5. The VideoMic Pro has been designed to work best with the camera’s Auto Gain Control switched off.

Rode Videomic Pro can be fitted on the top of the camera to record all the video. It is useful in many ways of recording sounds and videos. And for news gathering, weddings or sporting events, it can be used to significant effect with cameras.

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