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Rigiet – Advanced Stabilizer for Your Phone & GoPro

Rigiet - Advanced Stabilizer for Your Phone & GoPro

If you are ready to capture every moment of your life with smooth and study cinematic videos just go for Rigiet. Right best suits for Phones and GoPro’s. It has six shooting modes for every situation.

The engineer spent their tremendous time to design Rigiet Stabilizer, the user-friendly portable stabilizer that you can adjust the position by hand the gimbal stay in the same position that you positioned.

Features Of Rigiet:

Rigiet gives Smooth, motion time-lapse, auto track, panorama and long exposure capabilities.

The Stabilizer will keep you to shoot craziest snaps, no need for positioning craziest angles.

It has easy to use button control panel like joystick, camera control button, power button and mode change button.

Automatic power off/on, change photo mode to video mode, Zoom in/out and front and rear cameras are available.

Adjust the camera direction by adjusting the stabiliser by hand, the gimbal will listen to you as your own adjustments.

Rigiet support for GoPro, if you are an action film fans, you can shoot cinematic captures with Rigiet easily. It supports GoPro adjustable stabilizer just like a tripod.

Rigiet can use to any tripod without any external accessories. It gives tripod support, two-way charging.

At a time you can charge a phone with a USB support which is on top of Stabilizer and Rigiet charger pin on the handle.

It supports Live Streaming, you can stream videos on Live through your phones. At the same time share it through social media. You can trust your phone that Rigiet can automatically charge your phone.

Rigiet supports seven shooting modes, whenever you like to photograph in a landscape, slow motion or portrait you can adjust it accordingly.

It supports three Panorama modes, like 180 degrees, 330 degree and 12 photos at a time with 12 pic wide angle mode.


Rigiet is the only one best accessories for your phone and GoPro. Portable and adjustable according to your angles. Share directly to your besties at the time of shooting stream Live.

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