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How to use Rewarded Video Ads on Facebook Audience Network

Most of the developers are always merging video ads in the game which has been played by the user. To make this insertion of rewarded video ads simple and easy the ‘Facebook Audience Network’ is the best solution.

This can feed the all apps on both Android and iOS with the rewarded video ads which helps in the expansion of one’s brand.

Facebook Audience Network is used to merge the ads in the apps of both the iOS and Android device at the targeted audience with the battered video ads.

Rewarded Video from Audience Network

Configuring the audience network rewarded video on Android:

  • Download the video format of audience network available in ‘public SDK’.
  • Then place the copy of ‘audiencenetwork.aar’ in the folder of libs of your project.
  • Now replace ‘audiencenetwork.aar’ with then extract it by renaming as audiencenetwork.jar.
  • Then check that whether the IDE’sUI is has been changed after that select the “add as library” by right clicking on libs\audiencenetwork.jar.
  • Otherwise prefer to include the Android v4 support library at your organizing project.
  • The apps manifest file has to be accessed by activating the permissions of both ‘access network state and internet’.
  • To import the Facebook ads SDK use the code ‘import*;’
  • The rewarded video object will be activated by the function and then use placement ID.
  • After insertion of ad load code then declare the class to implement the interface ‘rewardedvideoadlistner’.
  • Now make use of the code like

if (rewardedVideoAd != null || rewardedVideoAd.isAdLoaded()) {;

The server validation:

The validation technique will make the communication between the server and other end point to know whether the video ad that has been placed is eligible for reward or not.

Implementation of SDK:

When you are ready to load the ad then the user ID and the rewarded amount should be inserted.

Then the interface ‘s2srewardedvideoadlistner’ should be implemented to notify the ad is validating for reward or not.

Audience network rewarded video on iOS

  1. Initially, download the audience network SDK.
  2. Create the project of audience network using Xcode.
  3. Give the ‘audience network tutorial’ as the product name by filling other details.
  4. Now in Xcode add the ‘FBaudiencenetwork.framework’ to the app directory from Facebook audience network SDK.
  5. ‘FBaudiencenetwork.framework’ is integrated into to the empty project.


The use of rewarded video will be most beneficial for the advertisers to reach the audience easily and to elaborate the brand of the products or services through rewarded video ad.

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