Livestream Mevo

Review : Livestream Mevo – Pocket-sized Live Event Video Camera

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Livestream introduced a new camera Mevo which is dubbed as the live event camera as it gets broadcast to Livestream platforms including Facebook Live. The results will be professional looking as this is a handy tool that lets you control the camera when paired with an iOS device.

Livestream Mevo

Livestream Mevo is a video cam designed especially for live streaming. This is like GoPro and comes with wide angle prime lens in compact size. This camera is available in white and black colors. A WiFi connectivity can be used for broadcasting. This is an easy and affordable tool to share your moments with the world.

Livestream Mevo: Pro Accessories

• A stand for Livestream Mevo camera for live streaming will be helpful to compose the shot perfectly. You can purchase a stand for the camera for $49.99.Livestream Mevo camera is lightweight and can be folded up for easy storing.

• A dedicated case for Mevo camera is available to keep safe the camera. The case comes with a durable outer shell and a carrying handle. It has compartments to store the accessories also along with the camera. The case is lightweight and is compact. This case also priced $49.99.

• Mevo boost is another pro accessory for Mevo camera. Mevo gives ten hours of additional battery life. An Ethernet can plug into this device. There is also a USB port that allows charging other devices or an LTE USB modem can be connected. This device comes with rainproof properties to use outdoors. This is priced $249.99.

LiveStream Mevo: Technical specifications

Mevo camera is manufactured by Livestream. Mevo comes with one year warranty. This camera is to attach to devices that run iOS 9 or higher. It features Sony 4K sensor, and the processor and encoder are Ambarella A9SE. The sensor resolution is 12.4 megapixel, and the capture resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

LiveStream Mevo cameras come with the built-in microphone. It is a dual analogue MEMS whose codec is 8kHz – 192KHz. The camera supports stereo, meter, internal stereo microphones and external audio input via iOS. The camera supports WiFi connectivity. The camera does not, however, require WiFi network as it generates its network and streams via LTE connection of the iPhone. It also supports Bluetooth, Ethernet and LTE connectivity.

Coming to the physical dimensions of Livestream Mevo camera, the height is 2.5 inches, width is 2 inches, and it weighs 130 grams. It offered in black or white colour options. Mevo comes with water-resistant capabilities. It has the built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is expected to give a battery life of one hour. Battery type is 1200 mAh Li-ion. It has 1ll glass f2.8 camera lens. It supports micro SD apart from the 16 GB micro SD.

Features of Livestream Mevo

Livestream Mevo can be used for the power it processes to perform as a professional crew. Livestream Mevo is portable and unobtrusive. You can live stream or record the event with good sound quality. Setting up the camera is easy, and you can start recording the event in just seconds. There is a LED light ring that informs

Livestream Mevo

Livestream Mevo is the best device for real time editing of recorded as well as streamed videos. The recorded video and video quality are decent and this is a simple and lightweight design that makes it easier to carry it anywhere. One of the interesting features of this camera is that it supports Facebook Live streaming. There are some cons with this new camera and one of the main concern is the limited battery life. The camera can only be paired with iOS device but not with any Android device. Streaming to YouTube is not possible.

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