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How to Repurpose YouTube Videos to Really Boost Views and Subscribers


The digital marketer is generally interested in running video ad campaign. Sometimes the marketer may find that the campaign is not producing the desired results or he may also feel that the purpose of the content is served and he may want to use the content for some other purpose – other than the original intention.

1) Changing the format:

There are many formats that the YouTube videos can be presented.   To repurpose the video, changing the format is highly advisable.  Blog posts offer a lot of material on similar content and just by visiting 20-30 blogs reasonable content can be collected.   However, care has to be taken to ensure that there no duplicate issues.

2) Refreshing the content of own website:

The marketer is pretty sure about the content of his video and is also sure about the plus points of his campaign.  The various analytical tools give ample information about the successful portion of the content.  The marketer can use the successful portion for use in his other campaigns.

3) Numbering is the attraction:  

Numbering is available in two places on video marketing.  One is the number of visitors and the other one is putting the title starting with a number.  Ex. “10 ways to …..” will definitely attract more subscribers. This technique is also applicable when the marketer wants to repurpose his earlier and successful video.  Summarizing the information provided in other blogs is also possible in this process.

4) Text and content:

The text that is told in the video needs to be told in the desired tone to have the desired effect.  Once the digital marketer decides to repurpose his YouTube video, he has to modulate the text and also the content to suit the new campaign.

5) Branching system:

In this system, there is a central content which is permanent and there are the multiple branches of blogs.  The branch blogs can go on change depending on the product/service that is being added to the marketer’s basket of goods/services.

6)Convert the videos to sharable bites:

Split the old video into small bites by adding useful thumbnails which can attract the audience to share your video content.

7)Adding Multi-lingual Subtitles:

To make your videos most watched by a global audience, add subtitles which can understand easily.

Benefits of Repurposing the YouTube Videos


Most of the top brands couldn’t find time to create compelling video content. Simultaneously they want to hold the brand reputation. The only solution for this is Repurposing YouTube videos. It helps to save your money, time, and efforts. By recycling the content, you can earn more from the same input.

Find a new Audience:

The sharing of bites of your video content by your audience with their friends or families may help you find a new audience.

Diversifying Content:

Repurposing your video content can be the best marketing tactic to convey your business or personal message with your audience. Repurposing can expand your content strategy.

Improving Online Presence:

Repurposing the content will help to increase the online business presence. The high-quality content videos will be displayed at the first search results of YouTube, where it attains the audience engagement.

Tremendous Opportunities for unsuccessful Content:

The reformation of old dead videos can get new life of engaging the huge audience.


Repurposing the YouTube videos will regain the power of engaging the audience. It helps the creators to find better opportunities for creating fresh and unique content for their business brand.

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