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Reliance Jio OTT – The Next Big Thing in Indian OTT Market

Reliance Jio OTT

Indian market is already having players – large, medium and small – regarding mobile phone industry. There are players offering handsets in a varying price range. Most of the Indian phone suppliers have come up with their own SIM as well. There is a new version of mobile phone developing in India.

India’s potential regarding its middle-income population is very high, and naturally this is the attraction for any manufacturer of goods and services. To cash the huge market, Reliance has offered JIO. It is the 4G SIM. Mr Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, went on record launching the JIO that there are a lot more benefits with the latest launch from Reliance.

It is not out of place to recollect here that Reliance started its lowest priced handset to penetrate (and also increase the mobile density in the country) in the Indian market and the venture enjoyed huge success. Similarly, now JIO is also expected to enjoy an even higher level of success. JIO is offering speed, quality and better service to the satisfaction of the mobile users. The plans as unveiled by Mr Ambani also are quite attractive. The tip of the cream is that Reliance is not asking to buy their 4G phones to use JIO. (Customers with 4G enabled handset can go for JIO).

Coming to JIO about Indian OTT market, there are welcome statements by many industry leaders. Some of the comments highlighted the following:

1) Present practice is bookmarking stuff (especially videos) to watch later or opt for offline viewing. Wi-Fi is the best option as the data charges are bit on higher side.

2) Competition is going to heat up, and the consumer is going to benefit with better quality bandwidth, bigger packs at an affordable rate, better WiFi access and hotspot etc.

3) Jio will bring better-connected data.

4) JIO is going to definitely add to the already progressing digital advertising.

With economically priced 4G enabled handsets and JIO, the subscriber base is going to grow beyond leaps and bounds. All this growth will benefit the communication apps, and it also expected that social platforms (like FB, YouTube) would explode. E-Commerce players like Flipkart, Amazon etc will see the huge increase in their market once again.

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