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Real-Time Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

Real-Time Video Analytics

Many content creators like you may be wondering where the digital viewers are from, what content they are consuming and how the content is engaging them. Real-time video analytics shows the valuable data.

Real-time video analytics will provide information about how effective the video marketing strategy is. This analytics are used to increase engagement and can be used to optimise the content.

Video analytics will show you if the video ads are reaching the target audience. Real-time video analytics will show the gender wise, age wise information and also tell from which region the content viewed.

Another useful information is the audience retention measure which shows how long the video watch and for how many times. The data can be used to determine if the video is inappropriately lengthy or if some parts of the video are uninteresting. Audience engagement tool also gives the real-time data about the likes, shares and subscribers to the call to action.

The real-time video analytics will help to draw conclusions about the video content. If most viewers are dropping off in just a few seconds, it can be because the title or the thumbnail is misleading the viewers to the video.

Using YouTube real-time video analytics

To know the real-time analytics of video, YouTube real-time video analytics can use. This is especially useful to see the initial response to the videos after publishing them. Early insights of the video performance can be finding the tool, and video promotion strategy can be adjusted based on the analytics.

YouTube real-time analytics windows show two graphs for every video published. One is hour by hour data available for sliding the window of 2 days and another minute-by-minute data for sliding the window of one hour.

What are the popular real-time video analytics software and tools?

IBM Intelligent video analytics is software that monitors video streams in real time. Automatic alert generation, analysis of historical data, identifying trends and patterns etc are some of the benefits of this software.

Real-time video analytics are needed by the businesses to optimize the video offerings. The video analytics should cover everything from monetization to video engagement. Ooyala shows you what are trending now, going viral and becoming popular and this allows the marketers to take real-time decisions. The system ensures that no opportunity is missed.


Kaltura is online video platform that provides real data related to the video using the built-in analytics. It becomes easy to successfully manage the content. The data provided include content interaction, geographic distribution, top syndication, content contributions, user based reports, system reports and live analytics. It also offers plug-ins for using with other web analytics tools.


Brightcove collects the video analytics in real time. The information gathered can be seen in standard reports, dashboards and another type of reports.


Vimeo is another powerful analytics tool. Using Vimeo, it is possible to track the video performance, measure the engagement using graphs, and optimise the videos and so on. Millions of people trust this platform for various video solutions.

The video is the type of content that engages the most. Video also provides audience behaviour insights. Real-time analytics come in to play when big data can no more get any faster. Real-time analytics bring faster results to the businesses. Other benefits include more accurate results, fewer expenses, and this also helps in devoting money and time to improve consumer service. Real-time video analytics has the potential to change the way the businesses are going to operate.


The analysis of analytics will sketch the overall performance of the channel. Based on that metrics the most advanced strategies that can boost the channel by pulling the audience towards the channel will be taken. The analytics of the channel must regularly be followed by the vlogger.

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