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Real-Time Video Ad Serving with Social Big Data

Social Big Data

big Social data is a collection of data sets with a diversity of types of various social network sites. The development of big social data is bringing many changes to the global business. Real-time advertising is now getting popular as the way to reach the right consumers at the right time. The real-time analytics help the brands to reach the consumers with the right message. Serving with Social Big Data helped the real-time marketing to make it more responsive.

Real time video delivery with big social data helps connect with consumers by the location, desires, behaviour etc. This allows maximum personalisation. Social, big data helps to get the insights of customers and the brands can act and react based on the needs and requirements of the customers and deliver video to them.

Social, big data also helps track the patterns and preferences of the buyers and respond with messages as per the needs. The brand can send relevant product promotions and information of discounts and offers to the consumers when they need them.

Social big data gives the marketer the details of purchase triggers. It is also possible to observe the customer behaviour, and it gives great opportunities to target the customers and deliver the video Ad as per their needs. It is possible to create personalised videos and deliver them to the customers, and these will influence the customer’s decision to purchase the product. Social, big data helps improve personal interaction with the customers and thus generate leads. With social media big data, the markets can see the real-time analytics such as likes, shares and comments and make more appealing video ads and serve them. Social, big data helps engage the customers more and also helps to increase conversion rates and generate more leads.

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