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YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide for Ranking Videos on YouTube Platform

Want higher Video rankings and more traffic to your YouTube Videos? Then why don’t you optimise YouTube SEO

Knowing Basics of YouTube SEO is Excellent.

When it comes to YouTube SEO, We are sure you’ve heard enough about YouTube Titles, Description and Tags. But there is more than that we need to know.

YouTube SEO brings more traffic to websites other than Google. Optimising YouTube videos lead high traffic to your Websites and increase Popularity of your Business.

Let us Explain.

YouTube SEO

It’s a simple fundamental task that will bring in more YouTube Views for every video that you upload on YouTube Platform

1. Video Title should Contain Keyword in it

Think before adding Titles to the video. The title must be unique that is not copied from other content and maintain unique Name and main keyword what does our video represents too.

2. Description Include Keyword Multiple times

Description of the video can be short up to 4-5 lines which must include keyword number of times. Describe theme of your video what is include in your video in 2-3 limes. The description must have the long tail keyword of a video.

3. Add Website Link in a description

Including your website, link in the description can easily recognise by the search engine and Customers. If we included links in the description starting and ending, Your clients could directly connect to your website through these links.

4. Add Timestamps With Keyword

The Timestamps describe how many times at what time your keyword searched on Google. Timestamps are an analytics of your keyword from where at what time Keyword appeared in Google search or from other sources.

5. Make Name of Video and Keyword Before uploading

Once if you’re ready for Video editing and ready to upload before uploading you should name your video with the Keyword. That means the name of the Video File should be with the keyword.

The search engine does not look inside of your video, it can recognise only through the Keywords then your video is recognised by Keyword.

6. Manual Transcription To Video

The Manual Transcription was helpful to the people who don’t like to watch the full video. Write as Do like or not? Tags get an immediate result.

Other than watching only video people connect to the transcript to understand with Closed Captions easily. Manual transcript increases the Keyword rich for the small business owners.

7. Say Keyword in first 30 sc of your Video

Your Video must explain the complete overview of your video in first few seconds. The video should have Keyword in it, and the business owner gets benefit with this auto-captioning. Content creators should be specific with Keyword in first 30 sc of the video.

8. Always End Video With Call-to-Action

Call-to-action buttons in videos play a major role in generating communication. After watching the video watch do people do either click on a call to action for directly communicating with the brands or click on the website link or else simply close the video.

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Video SEO

Having a Great Content

First, we should decide what type of content we need for our services and what our video accomplishing. The video should contain information your services what type of services you offer.

Then your video should entertain the audience, it should grab the audience’s attention to easily wait to watch the complete video.

Direct your content writers to create a unique, quality and creative videos for promoting your brands. It must look professional filled with innovative thoughts.

Your Video should vary from other videos, it may be the same topic but the way you express in video remains stable.

Give Relative Titles To Video

Make your video relatively searchable in Google, make video title as a Keyword so, that it can be easily searchable on google.

Most of the Keywords appear in video Description, Titles, and Tags. Make the title of the video will be relevant to your description and tags.

Maximum 50-70 characters appear in the google search so, keep Keyword in the beginning of the Title and description for the relevant search.

Punch Up the Description

Adding description to the videos are the best opportunity to do SEO for videos.Take advantage of using appropriate Keywords in your Description.

Make use of complete characters write the full description about your video. So people can easily recognize your video intention.

Share It Through Social Media

Creating a video uploading it with right title, descriptions, and keywords are not enough for brand promotion. Share your video in Social media sites to get the brand image in people.

If you have a company just promote your video on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube to engage with audience ask them to comments and share your video.

Search engine grabs the content from social data, so, comments and shares have more importance for search engines. More people communicate through Shares, comments, and likes.

Include Transcripts

Include the transcripts where your video has hosted. Suppose if you uploaded your video on YouTube just include the transcript in a description or else if your video is posted on the website include transcript just below the video.

There are two benefits of including transcripts in Video, one is people can easily understand and read the transcript instead of watch video. Another one is your video get high rank in a search engine because transcripts contain a huge number of Keyword recognize by your Google.


Adding the title, description and keywords are not enough for YouTube SEO.The above are the things we should follow for YouTube Video SEO.

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