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Ralph Cochrane – Exclusive Interview with Founder of Creative Grid

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Exclusive Interview of Ralph Cochrane Founder of Creative Grid

Tell us something about your company the Creative grid?

We are a cloud-based video production company, which means that our clients and our staff are scattered across the world. more cost-effective. but, also interestingly we often know people locally to a shoot, e.g. in New York or London https://www.creativegrid.com

Tell us about your Creative grid services?

We offer all the services you would expect from corporate videos to advertising, and we’ve branched out into things like filming with drones and 360 / VR. Most of our work is from corporate videos and business news.

What are the trends in video production and distribution?

Compared to five years ago clients need us to be more responsive. We’ve always had to work fast for news, but for social media content you have to be on the pulse of a trend, and that can be challenging which is why we’ve developed faster tools and workflow between the team. We’ve honed the way we work to be able to respond quickly including working across multiple time-zones.

What is the creative grid success Model?

We look after our clients. We try to give the same friendly, high quality, professional service no matter who you are and where you are. The saying goes “people buy from people that they like” even when everything is in the cloud. Another key is involving the client and explaining the filmmaking process. We take it for granted, but when you’re working under pressure sometimes, you need to explain that changing lenses take a few seconds or that you need time for b-roll to make a great promo video.

What are the trends of the Creative grid in video advertising and event filming?

It’s all about the cloud. If you need a camera operator in Kenya or New Delhi, no problem we have it covered. We might edit in the USA or at our headquarters in London, but everything is safely backed up, and you receive the same high-quality video. That’s been a real driver of growth for us. Clients no longer have to fly large crews to New York for an advertising shoot. Of course, if you need specialist skills we do still need to use the right people, but particularly for news, we have a great “black book” of contacts that we tap into around the world.

What are the upcoming trends of the creative grid concerning video marketing industry?

Social video is significant at the moment, and by that, I mean more text on the screen as people don’t have the sound on their mobile ‘phones. In a sense, it’s almost a step backward in storytelling, but it’s what the market wants, and usually, they want the stabilized also see more and more opportunities to film on prosumer devices. Things like the OSMO stabilised camera from DJI mean we can create fresh footage at a fraction of the cost. Recently I put my Osmo on a car and drove around Miami. The results are stunning which you can watch here:

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Website : www.creativegrid.com