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PSY – ‘I LUV IT’ M/V – YouTube Viral Video


PSY is well known for his  Album “Gangnam Style” four years ago, but the video still viral in all social media websites. PSY’s new Hit “ I LUV IT” released on 10th May Wednesday on YouTube music available in iTunes and Apple Music, it has got nearly 10 million views by the next day ending.

This song is one of the leading Album among Psy’s eighth Album 4X2=8, the “I Luv It” grab the certified All Kill! As the #1 music album across the world.

If Psy’s “I Luv It” should be achieved the number one position for few weeks it should definitely plus weekly iChart.

The song ILuvIt is dominating all eight South Korean Music Charts, it stood on top 10 positions on Korea Herald reported. While in South Korea “I Luv IT”grab number one position on Friday, Number 2 position in Singapore

Psy’s albums relay’s on large dance group, it just so much of fun to watch. Psy “I Luv It” is also had fun, peppy and funny dance moves that fans could also learn and dance along with him.

The video featured many unique locations to surprise the fans, one notable thing is appearance of Japanese Comedian Piko Taro, famous in social media as PPAP in 2016.

The song “I Luv It” is from Slick Productions choreographed with Catchy beats, quirky dance moves, fun and a unique number of outfits by dancers and Psy throughout the song.

The Complete video was up to 3 minutes 19 seconds, PPAP appeared officially 30 seconds in this video.

Psy’s two songs “I Luv It “ and “New Face” have surged to 3 million global views on YouTube Music since they releases.

Psy’s Music Album “I Luv It” crossed 9,442,912+ views within two days after releasing.

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