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Growth Statistics of Programmatic Video Buys Via YouTube [Study]

Programmatic Video Buys Via YouTube

What is programmatic video:

Programmatic video is using a software to buy digital video advertising.The programmatic video uses the real-time data to get your video ad in front of the right customer at the right time. The working of Programmatic Video Buys Via YouTube can be observed here.

This new concept of a programmatic video has been able to grow in view of the technical advancement like the internet providers are now offering high-speed bandwidth (that too at affordable prices).

The increase in the online video viewership is one of the benefits of programmatic video buys and the other benefits that occur with it.Programmatic enables the marketers to reach the targeted audience based on their real-time purchase intent signals.  For example, If someone is looking for mobiles, Nokia will be able to buy digital video ad space especially targeting to that prospective buyer that too in real time. Here the purchase decision will be much faster.The success rate is also higher.

Besides offering many advantages, the programmatic video has certain inbuilt limitations like video inventory available with many social media platforms.To combat this challenge, many tools are available in the market.

Some of the astonishing statistics on programmatic video can be as under:

1) It has drastically reduced the TV viewership by approximately 10% year over year on an average.

2) US digital video ad spending is expected to touch USD 22.10 billion which is a jump of nearly 40% over previous year.

3) YouTube will earn revenue of $1.99 billion by 2017 in US net video market.

4) YouTube is the big bet for US digital video ad market with nearly 20% of market share.

Much of the happening in digital advertising is happening on YouTube in view of the unparalleled market position of this platform. YouTube can’t be happier about the promising figures for the current year as there are reports that the projected growth will cool in future years  i.e., 2018 onwards (this is a forecast of eMarketer).


Here this article provides the how the programmatic video plays the vital role especially on YouTube. The above-mentioned statistics will give the complete details of how the programmatic video is reaching the exact customers by place the relevant video ad that builds the name of the brand.

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