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The Secret Guide to Programmatic Video Buying

Programmatic Video Buying

Programmatic video buying is an emerging technology today and it is changing the digital video advertising by increasing the number of buyers turning to it to get more audience insights. Sellers are also comfortable with selling their video buying programmatically.

Programmatic Video Buying

Programmatic is a technology which automates the buying of video ads. This uses some pre-defined algorithms. It uses the data about the publisher and also the advertisers and takes into account the behavioural data and social demographics before deciding on a transaction. It has proved to work efficiently as is proved by studies that most digital video ad spending will opt programmatic video buying.

There are some pros and cons with this. The correct target audience can determine with the study of socio-demographic and behavioural data. Programmatic buying also helps in buying the audience but not the place or time on buying platforms. The marketer can make adjustments and optimisation to the campaign in real time. It is especially ideal for increasing brand awareness.

The drawbacks of this are like this. The video content chosen can be of low quality or premium inventory. Sometimes these can be fraud, and there might be some bot traffic issues also. Though programmatic video buying saves time, one has to deal with huge volumes of data which can increase the time spend on analysis of the data.

Programmatic Video Buying Platforms

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager for programmatic video buying provides access to inventory on global scale. It is possible to connect with buyers and sellers directly. Signing up will help get the latest product news, case studies and many more from the site and from Google.

Turn is another platform that allow to plan, active and optimize ad campaigns from single platform. Turn is able to solve unique marketing challenges for its customers.

MediaMath is another programmatic company that helps the marketers to reach their target audience. The first media buying software was created by MediaMath in the year 2007. From then onwards they partnered with many brands and agencies to serve the customers.

DataXu offers programmatic media activation solutions. Important features of this platform are best in class optimization, automated media buying, personalized reporting and quality and security. It is possible to target and engage the customers within a single platform when using the automated media buying at DataXu. You can access inventory from leading content publishers across the globe.

The Trade Desk is a platform that offers inventory for televisions, video, social, mobile and more. Video buyers can run their campaigns on various digital channels and see how each channel influences their audience. Important features are omni channel targeting, data management platform, enterprise Apis and HD reporting. The video campaigns are easily managed to reach the right audience.

Programmatic Video buying Trends

Programmatic video buying is becoming the mainstream and here are the trends for programmatic. This is not only will be used for direct sales but also for increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. The usage of mobiles increased and is likely to replace desktops. Programmatic technology is also making way for mobile. There is the introduction of new tools to monitor and measure the data on mobiles. The marketers can now measure the effectiveness of their video in mobiles also just like they are doing it on desktops. Programmatic video buying is not only synonymous with digital advertising, but this is also going beyond it. It used for television also.

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