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Programmatic Video Advertising 101 : The Ultimate Guide

Programmatic Video Advertising 101 The Ultimate Guide

What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Marketers are choosing the excellent way to do advertising for their products or services through E-marketing and to make it as a real time an extraordinary application has been built i.e. Programmatic Video Advertising.

By using this phenomenon a marketer can engage their site with the huge number of viewers if they make the video ad in an innovative way.

This programmatic video advertising has completely replaced the usual advertising like ads followed on a small screen.

The majority of the people like 90% are spending their total time by using online services of the internet than the small screen which is the primary to get more demand of online advertisements.

Small screen advertisements will eat much time than online. Hence, every businessman will give the preference for programmatic video advertising.

Advantages of Programmatic Video Advertising

The brand of the services and tools of a particular company will be established in a strong way as the video ad straightly connects to the customers of actual users.

As this video ad has the complete report of the viewers visited, time spends and the skipped time of the ad the technical amendments can be made according to this available statement to clutch the focus of customers.

When the content in the ad is more efficient then the users will like to have a look throughout.

Some will provide the facility of not to block the ad so that if they are at their needed content or video then they should essentially watch the video ad given.

The best thing with this Programmatic video ad is this could be offered bearable cost. So that from smaller to large scale industries can pick this to elaborate their business.

If the chosen platform to promote is a world site then this video ad will be visited by the people throughout the world.

Pros & Cons of Programmatic Video Advertising


Short form of Ads:

The programmatic video ads will be captured in a short video format with brief outlines in short period of time.

Impressive price:

The reasonable price will be charged for this ad as we have a number of marketers to publish our ad.


These video ads can be displayed without regarding time on any device like tablets, ipads, notepads and mobile phones with no matter of screen.

Universal reputation:

As the entire World relies on the online requisition then the ad would be visited by all and this might be used to explore the brand of the company.


Ad block:

Some type of apps released in the market to block the ads while playing video and everyone is choosing that to stop playing ads. This won’t let the advertisers expand their business.

Location based:

Based on the location of the company this video ad gets success otherwise no use.

Step out ads:

By using the option of skip ad the video will be removed without completion of the full ad that means this can’t be much used to build the customers.

The bulk of visitors:

Some companies will pay the amount for the marketers based on the number of visitors. For that purpose, they will generate the huge views by using the trickery tools.

Afraid to visit ads:

Most of the users of online services were scared to watch the ads as they retrieve the personal data from the user desktop by using some kind of software.

Bribing Audience:

This would be the hardest work for the company because they offer money to watch the video ad and this will be good for reputed companies.

In the case small companies they can’t afford and they will be in the same position in the market.

Programmatic Video Advertising Facts

The rise of Programmatic video Ad:

E-marketing through programmatic video ad is going to alter the Global market.

A target of social media:

Most of the branding companies are focused on the purchase of social media sites to build their trademark through the programmatic video ad.

Programmatic runs as RTB:

Programmatic video ad buying will be treated in the category of the auction. In this auction, the advertisers will be notified with the fictitious information about their site. By considering all those they make tender.

Evaluating tools for Programmatic Video Ad:

To publish these campaigns the company requires the new conception from the publisher with strong building tools.

Trade of Programmatic:

The user who wants to have the branding for their products than buying will not choose this programmatic video ad.

Programmatic is complicated:

It needs more technical skills, tools, a massive collection of information about the customers and a huge number of viewers which is very difficult.

The role of Mobile:

Mobile is the major stream to enlarge the programmatic video ad with no fluctuations.

Growth of Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic Video Advertising is increasing its success rate from day to day by showing the ultimate performance in digital marketing. Its growth of this video ad can be identified with the following.

No duplication of the data from the others and it protects the content of the ad with high security.

Programmatic video ad through mobile has acquired 44.1%

66% of the marketers are thinking to expend half of their funding resources on this programmatic video advertising.

20% of these video ads are handled by the vendors with 40% of the amount to publish their products.

To elaborate the brand 60% are choosing programmatic video ad.

18% of social media is going to be picked for the programmatic video ad.

82% of vendors will use the programmatic platform to make campaigns.

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The complete analysis of the Programmatic Video Ad will give the idea of its importance in the present and upcoming days. The impact of this Programmatic Video Ad marketing has turned the expectations of the marketers.

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