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Problems People will face while doing the Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming of events, shows and any functions have become the most common trend in the present days. These people will be more engaged as many events will take place for every day. In that busy schedule, they might face problems which delay the daily routine of them. Below are the mostly caused troubles while we do the live stream.

Problem with Equipment:

The main problem arises due to the Equipment that is if they didn’t use the highly qualified camera or tripod.

Disruption of Network:

They struggle with the disconnection of network and while it is in the middle of the event and it mainly discourages the audience while watching.

Using Damaged Cables:

The trouble might be arrived because of the improper cables used for streaming.

Disturbance of People:

When capturing the event they might get too much disturbance if it has a too big crowd as they are roaming throughout the event.

Trouble with Mike:

They find difficulty to give the effective audio if they didn’t have advanced mike which the first thing needed to telecast the live streaming.

Lightning Effect:

The crucial one should be considered before streaming the live events is Lightning. This grabs the eye of the audience to stay tuned till last or quit in the middle.

No Promotion Idea:

Lack of Knowledge on the promotion of event will become a big issue while streaming and if they didn’t do it in a proper manner then no one will be there to watch it.


These are issues that occur frequently when we go ahead with the concept of Live Streaming and to overcome these we should have a complete strategy and some guidance from the experts in this field.

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