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Using Predictive Analytics to overcome Video Advertising Mistakes

Video Advertising Mistakes

The marketer has the primary responsibility of promoting his products/services.Through this, he has to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing the bottom line of his business. For the promotion of products he has various options and most prominent of the same is through content promotion.There are many platforms offering video advertising which is considered one of the best promotion platforms.While the marketer is at liberty to use the platform of his choice (that suits the requirements, of his business), he also faced with many issues that can force him to take wrong decision in this regard.One of the solutions to reduce (if not avoid) mistakes is through the use of predictive analytics.

As a quick round-up of video ad promotion mistakes the marketer is doing, identify the following:

1) Not promoting content at all.

2) Not being selective about promoting.

3) Not allowing the content the breathing time.

4) Not promoting the performing products.

While it is proven the fact that promotion of content is the absolute requirement, doing it right is also equally important.In the absence of proper promotion, the same will be a big drain on the business. Despite being aware of this fact, businesses are still making mistakes in their content promotion.Let’s briefly understand the consequences of above mistakes.

• Despite the fact that the marketer has been able to create the best content if he is not promoting the same, he is incurring high costs of hiring talented professionals.Promotion of content is a vast subject, and the marketer has to ensure the proper promotion of his content.

• Promoting everything without being selective is another mistake.Though the marketer is free to promote his content, he has to be selective how to promote. There are relevant platforms that can add value to the money spent by him for the promotion of his content.

• Not allowing the content the breathing time is one more mistake.In a hurry to get quick results, the marketer might want to jump into the action of promoting the content.But anything and everything needs some breathing time before the content goes viral.The marketer needs to provide sufficient breathing time for the content.

• Promotion vs. performance should go hand in hand. Only the performing products need to promote.The marketer might be having a bunch of products, and some of them may perform while others are not performing. The marketer has to distinguish between performing and non-performing products.

Today there are many predictive tools available for the marketer to assess each of the above mistakes that he is doing while doing video ad promotion.These tools help the marketer to avoid money drain by suggesting the best performing products.The tools also suggest the marketer about the right mix of product, place, price and promotion.Taking help of these predictive tools, the marketer has to ensure that he has the best promotion strategy to ensure success for his promotion and products as well.

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