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PowerDirector 16 and Director Suite with 360° Video Editing Tools [Review]

PowerDirector 16

Every moment under one roof that gives an ultimate experience of being in the particular video which can be the memories of family, travel and adventurous actions all will remains as the unforgettable album.This all can be possible only with PowerDirector 16.

PowerDirector 16:

  • To create an innovative video that remains as the recall of each moment that we enjoyed in the real-time then it could be the best suggestion.
  • It gives more flexibility with the color correction that it can adjust the environment by tuning color automatically.
  • The lookup table will enable the user to add the effective color to the existing video footage.
  • The MultiCam Designer will be used to capture the moments of video from all angles that contain four slides.
  • The video can be shared on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
  • Disc authoring can be used to make the video that is compactable with DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray.
  • The preview and sharing of video can be done effectively and quickly with help of 64-bit powerhouse.
  • The animated frame of video college designer is possible.
  • More effective tools are available in it to attain the efficient video, especially for travel videos.
  • The tools might include theme designer, transition designer, mask designer and menu designer etc.

360° Video Editing:

The PowerDirector 16 is more flexible to edit the 360-degree videos with more powerful designer tools.

By using this, the titles for the 360-degree video can be added that gives the natural look while uploading.

The view designer can bring the appearance of capturing the moments from all angles of video footage.

The bonanza has been offered for the travel lovers as the travel pack with more templates.

Video stabilizing, motion tracking, for pan and zoom effects etc. can be done.

This has the unique feature that vertical video format can also be possible to access in the trending device mobile.


Power Director Suite is providing the offers as the premium effects.


A vlogger or video marketer must and should use software to get efficient video footage that can give an immersive experience of being in that video then make use of PowerDirector 16.

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