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PlayStation Vue’s TV Streaming Service Features

PlayStation Vue’s TV Streaming Service Features

PlayStation Vue is the most exciting service presented by the Sony that completely designed to generate the small screen amenities. All entertainment channels, kids channel, news and sports channels can view through this PlayStation Vue. Plenty of channels can obtain with the subscription of the PlayStation Vue. It facilitates the DVR service which can be used to record the ongoing program without our presence and to watch later.

Features of PlayStation Vue:

The live streaming of the TV channels can be watched without making a subscription to the satellite or cable services offered by the operators.

There is an availability recording bulk of shows for long hours with no special payment which has been added to the normal subscription of payment.

There is no compulsory to have the annual subscription.

It’s compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, fire TV, iOS and chromecast.

There is bundle of channels has been presented depending on the locality.

The PlayStation Vue can be accessed even at 10 Mbps that has been suggested by the Sony.

By using this four devices can be connected at the same time for live streaming.

When nearby devices are accessing this then it takes a fraction of seconds to stream.

We can cancel the subscription which can be founded as unsubscribe at the settings.

We need not look for someone to cancel the subscription by waiting for a long time in mobile calls.

Mostly watching episodes can be easily gathered at the triangle which saves time.

Specific networks will be facilitated to skip the all ads by clicking on a single button.

The recorded shows can be watched up to 28 days and after that, it has been dumped.

We can record a massive number of shows that at the same time and it gives the much quality of the image while watching.


Everyone will be tired of using cables and weather unsupported subscriptions. Then this Playstation Vue is the best option to get plenty of channels at accurate cost with no demanding for a yearly subscription.

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