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Video Advertising Presents an Innovative Approach to Promoting Your Video Online Presents an Innovative Approach to Promoting Your Video Online

When there are millions of videos out there, standing out has becomemorechallenging than ever. Online video seeding is the only way to push your video through the massive quantity. Whether you are a musician looking to promote your video for exposure, a company working to create brand awareness for a product or service, or even a game developer who wants to attract more players, online video seeding fits the bill for any cause.It hasbecome a standard, even by the most popular individuals and companies in many industries, to stand out and get better results.


While video seeding is a tool, it is not a magic one. A good video seeding strategy is very important for a successful campaign. However, in order to strike it big, the first ingredient the video itself must contain unique and creative content. This content, combined with the right seeding partner, will help you become a viral hit.,a company that equips developers with tools to gain revenue from the non-paying users, presents an innovative approach to promote videos via its virtual currency social platform.The viewer is rewarded for watching the video. The viewer can then use this reward to unlock levels, buy upgrades, and level up. It is a win-win-win opportunity: the brand achieves great exposure,the viewer is rewarded with virtual goods, and the developer is rewarded with additional revenue. helps video advertisers achieve their marketing goals by offering a wide selection of targeting and segmentation options. They can target by demographic (age, gender, DMA, etc.) or by personal preferences (users of a specific service or product).

Unlike other video promotion methods, viewers willingly choose to watch the video for which they arethen rewarded. This provides a higher probability of them watching the entire video. The pricing is also flexible and fits any budget; payment occurs only after the viewer is finished watching the video.

On top of that, offers unique features such as a smart gamification engine, localization, and a rich inventory of web and mobile campaigns. All of these are meant to enhance user experience, increase engagement, and eventually create a significant revenue stream for the developer. predicts that its publisher revenues will significantly increase by 25% thanks to the new video seeding inventory.

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