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PANNOVO HD 720P Mini Wireless WiFi Spy Camera And Video Recorder

PANNOVO HD 720P Mini Wireless WiFi Spy Camera And Video Recorder

PANNOVO HD 720P is the world’s smallest Camera, fit for all kind of portable tools which can take both Photos and Videos without paying any attention to recording. Mini wireless WiFi spy camera can also work as a motion detection cum wireless video recorder. Among all the hidden spy cameras PANNOVO HD 720P is brilliant mini wireless spy camera video recorder with motion detection. PANNOVO HD 720P Mini Wireless WiFi Spy Camera features are listed here.

This portable mini Pannovo HD used for all-purpose security reasons.Very small, lightweight portable, tiny compact design like a shirt button supports TF card maximum of up to 32GB memory. A spy camera can record a looping video, recording and charging can be done at the same time. We need to remember to insert TF card before to start recording.

Features of PANNOVO HD 720P Mini Wireless WiFi Spy Video Camera

This video camera has its own App to download and easily setup through smartphones, PCs and Tablets. Extremely easy to connect this video camera to WiFi.

This hidden camera can connect WiFi named as “Cam ID/User”, you can maintain password to maintain security or can directly connect mobile phone network. It can access local viewing connect to WiFi camera and long range remote connect wifi up to 30 meters distance.

You can view the video at a time of recording, no need to connect the WiFi or directly through the mobile phone network. The App can support all smartphones, Personal computers and tablets.

As it is button camera does not fold the cable to protect it. If you need to charge the camera it has USB port to insert the charger.

The camera has built Hisilicon solution so, it gives you bright full HD video of 1280p x 720p resolution with smooth video recording and continuous WiFi.

The camera will automatically start recording audio, video with microphone support motion detection. This mini gadget can record real time uninvited guest audio and video recording, the maximum of file length should be up to 20 minutes.

Spy Camera support the specifications like .avi file format, video resolution of 1280p x 720p of 30 frames per seconds. This support maximum capacity of 32GB, file length up to 20 minutes.

Rechargeable battery, but actual battery capacity of 4000mAh with a cable. Automatic cycle recording with motion detection.

The product comes with the package of one mini Camera, a battery of 4000 mAh, One USB cable, one US plug, one card reader and Five Button for using the hidden camera.


The world’s Smallest Mini Wireless Spy hidden camera PANNOVO HD 720P wifi ip p2p Motion Detection wireless video recorder.If anybody looking to buy a spy camera, I would strongly recommend this camera with reasonable cost.

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