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OTT Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

OTT Video Analytics

The online content range is increasing and it is even more important now that the preferences and behavior of the user are understood and is put to good use.Content owners are consuming data but using it to improve the customer experience is important.OTT Video Analytics is trending in streaming industry.

OTT Video Analytics

Using analytics to understand the customers is good but it must identify what data is useful to us and what is not. Analyzing the OTT video analytics and understanding the traffic source, trends in consumption etc., the content providers can manage the video deliver better.

Customers are making the OTT video phenomena popular. They are shifting from watching the traditional television, and there is the great demand for them for streaming videos. They are ready to pay for video streaming services. OTT video analytics will help the operators to provide the quality of experience that the customer wants.

OTT video analytics help the content providers to get data about OTT video consumption and they also can know their most popular videos, consumption trends and much more. By understanding this data, they can develop premium products and consumer packages.

OTT video analytics helps to find the top content and how the viewers engaged with the content. The user attention span and which of the video content is not being watched by the viewers fully can be understood. Geolocation of the viewers can also be appreciated.

Data-drove OTT video services can be used to understand the behaviour of the viewers and of the content that will increase the engagement. The video analytics can be used by the streaming company to improve their ad revenue also.

Overall video quality of the OTT video should be increased as poor video quality results in viewers abandoning the video. This is a performance metric that should be identified by the content providers. This is just an example of how OTT video analytics help in improving the user experience.

20 Facts about Enterprise Video Analytics & Streaming

The present trend works on the theme of video on demand services, and this made easy by the word enterprise by providing extraordinary services for the customers by merging with the corporate level, Enterprise Video Analytics.

  1. Television industry lost more than 30 percent of its consumers due to raise of video usage through mobile devices
  2. More than 20 percent people are watching the videos liner viewing per week
  3. The people of age group from 18-24 years are spending more than 17 hours in a week
  4. Mobile video viewing had increased the video share to more than 389 percent.
  5. Online video streaming increased to 60 percent growth
  6. More than 2.5M world cup live streaming viewers are noticed online viewing from the mobile apps
  7. The video ad views had grown towards 200 percent raise.
  8. More than 20 percent views video ad views were increased comparing to the previous year reports.
  9. Long form content and the live content viewing have greatly increased
  10. The video is considered as a top three marketing tactic by the B2B and B2C companies
  11. More than 65 percent CTR rates have noticed from video campaigns through emails
  12. More than 94 percent marketers are using video in their marketing
  13. More than 50 percent marketers are turned towards the streaming apps and marketing through live streaming
  14. More than 66 percent of viewers are watching up to third part of the whole video
  15. Video advertising reduced the unsubscriptions
  16. More than 80 percent traffic is estimated on the web when we reach 20-17 due to videos.
  17. Video streaming app have greatly increased and more than 25 percent growth was noticed
  18. More than 50 percent of startup enterprises got good success with video advertising
  19. It is predicted that more than 40 percent new streaming platforms and apps will get developed by the end of 2015
  20. The global enterprise video market was expected to grow more than 40$ billion when we reached towards 2017


These will define the how it is influencing the customers by following the highly qualified strategies and the steps to rule the market through the utilization of video will be notified.

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