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Online Video Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Currently, the Global market runs on the concept of the online video. All people are spending much time to watch videos, especially on YouTube. As they are spending much time at watching a video then the system will consume energy which they use for streaming.

The energy consumption can be measured in a laptop while playing the video.

This may be varies depending on the timings of the day we watch.

There is also a variation in the search engines we used for browsing YouTube i.e. like Google chrome and Internet explorer.

The consumption of energy can be measured by using the software Joulemeter.

This gives the individual values of CPU, monitor, base, disk and application to run.

In the morning:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 232 586
Monitor (W) 1769 2040

Disk (W) 1 1

Base (W) 3105 3060

Application (W) 141 557
Total power(W) 5110 5689

Time in sec 256 292

Here we can find that the chrome consumes more energy than explorer which are considered in the morning time.

There could be 36 seconds change in the time to complete the video.

In the afternoon:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1.3 3.1
Monitor (W) 10 10

Disk (W) 0 0

Base (W) 15 15

Application (W) 0.8 3.3
Total power(W) 26.4 28.2

Time in sec 1.233 1.457

Here we can find a lot of difference in energy consumption from morning to afternoon.

The CPU, monitor, disk and all are having varied values.

At the Night:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1 5
Monitor(W) 10 10

Disk(W) 0 0

Base(W) 15 15

Application(W) 1.5 5
total power(W) 26 30

Time in sec 1.362 1.908

By comparing all three readings we can get an idea of playing a video on YouTube at the night time will utilise less energy than morning and afternoon.


This will give us the brief knowledge about how to surf the videos which can be drawn at search engines using less energy and also used to find at what time the energy is consumed more while watching a video in a laptop.

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