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Advantages of Nokia OZO 360 for Virtual Reality Video Creation

Nokia OZO 360

With the technical advancement, there is hue and cry about the 360 degrees virtual reality. Also called as VR, this concept has been gaining momentum. As the viewers will have better enjoyment, VR is viewed with high expectations. There are so many hardware makers already competing for their share in the VR hardware market. Nokia introduced its new hardware product called Nokia OZO 360.

One of the initial launchers of VR enabled device is Nokia OZO 360. Fully understanding the requirements of 360 degrees VR, Nokia included the following interesting features in Nokia OZO 360.

Advantages of Nokia OZO 360

Video sensor: progressive scan

Video sensor array: eight, synchronized, 2Kx2K sensors

Video area coverage: Full spherical, 360 x 180 degrees.

Minimum imaging distance: 0.5 m/ 20” (spherical video coverage)

Lens angle of view: 195 degrees per lens.

Audio sensor type: Omni-directional, solid state

Nokia OZO 360 went on record to claim that their ultimate goal for VR is to create tools for the most brilliant, creative people in the world. A quick look at the above specs clearly indicates that the Nokia Ozo comes with all the features required to make the VR experience one of the most exciting. The device comes with inbuilt features – both video and audio – suitable for presenting the best VR experience & and also enable the creators to tell their stories through VR.

To make the product more widely available, Nokia is launching this product in other parts of the world including China. China will be able to enjoy Nokia Ozo as early as next month (expected shipments). Nokia is proud to claim that no other professional VR solution can offer this depth of solution: OZO software suite, OZO live, OZO camera and OZO Player SDK as well making a complete platform readily available for streaming 360 degrees VR content.

Not to be left behind, Nokia OZO has also loaded with 500 GB, solid-state media with 45 minutes record duration per media module. 30 fps capture frame rate makes Nokia OZO all the more attractive. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack combined with passive (fanless) cooling system enable the user to use OZO for longer duration without disruption. Nokia being one of the superior technology based companies, we can expect more and more advancements for the excitement of VR creators as well as VR viewers.

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