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NextVR – Broadcasting Live Events in Virtual Reality [Review]

Live Events

What is NextVR:

NextVR is the world’s best virtual reality live streaming technology device. It was launched in 2009, headquartered in California. NextVR is the world’s first Live streaming of Soccer game.

This was first launched in Lounge beach, California. Next VR has partnered with International Champions Cup tournament Live Telecast for the Soccer.

NextVr is the one of Live Streaming devices among all it has given high quality Virtual reality Videos. It was specially designed to shoot 360 degrees Live streaming.

This can broadcast live and recorded video, has partnered with some technological products like Samsung and Oculus Rift. NextVR is the official partner to NBA league pass.

NextVR and Live Nation Virtual Reality Concert Streams:

Live Nation, Citi and NextVR have started binding a partnership with some Concert series for the music lovers. This has become a business opportunity, the people can virtually enjoy anywhere, anyone in a virtual reality world.

It gives an opportunity to the world’s biggest artists to claim their backstage performance to see through virtual reality technology devices.

NextVR app is coming soon to watch a live performance of the “world’s biggest artists” in Virtual Reality devices.

Music, sports and live events are biggest income from the audience. As we all know that NextVR is well known for live streaming sports, live events and has partnered with Live Nation channel, NBA which telecast DJ event, artists’ performance in Virtual Reality view.

This NextVR company has also got a partnership with Thievery Corporation, which can promote actual tickets for live DJ, Music events. Live Nation also introduced a new website for 360 degree videos and Virtual reality events.

NextVR has given a chance to broadcasting Cutting Edge performance, boxing matches, Democratic debates as in Virtual Reality worldwide.

Advantages of NextVR:

NextVR best Virtual Reality Device that Broadcast live Streaming of Sports and Concert Streams.

NextVR has also broadcasting the Netflix movies and Live Tv.

It has launched Next3D for 3D television viewers.

It provides impressive 360 degree view for Live streaming of Soccer and Football tournaments.

The NextVr is beating the Live Concert, Sports and all internationally popular for streaming Virtual Reality events and getting more technological.

NextVR is now Live Streaming Highlights of Boxing in Virtual Reality.

All industries are waiting to get partnered with NextVR to get Virtual Reality views.

While viewing the NExtVR live streaming, you can feel and get the you watching in the front row experience or even better than that.

Combination of NextVR and Sports:

NextVR presenting the platform for Live Streaming Sports like Soccer, Football, Hockey and Golf tournaments.

NextVR has a partnership with United States Golf Tournaments, in Fox Sports Live Streaming Channel. Viewers are watching the game through the Samsung gear devices.

NextVR is going to launch the NextVR app for the audience of sports to get access to all Virtual Reality devices.

NextVR became a new platform for broadcasting boxing Highlights, audience can see the fights fell live they sit in the front row of the event.

NextVR is now getting high professional partnership with big companies and TV Live broadcasting.

NextVR has partnered with the NBA, Netflix, International Champions Cup of Soccer Tournaments, NHL and Fox Sports.

Samsung Gear VR headsets next allowing the NextVR app to give Live streaming earn more income through this app.

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