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20 Mind Numbing Facts about New Apple TV

New Apple TV

The number one place occupied by the Apple in the market for their amazing services for a long time. Now they are going to provide the advanced New Apple TV with advanced features.

Facts About New Apple TV

  1. Apple Company started the production of desktops since 1976 and became renowned company in the world.
  2. Apple TV is in the lead with 41 percent share in the present market.
  3. Apple TV was recently included with the TV operating system compatible applications with new remote featuring touch.
  4. The Apple TV setup box has changed with variety of features recently for the gaming consoles too.
  5. The second generation Apple TV is based on iOS, The second generation device was cheaper because of low storage and A4 system
  6. The new Apple TV made the changes in the user interfaces and going to become the Future Television.
  7. Previously, the Apple TV didn’t allow the other apps, and now it was included the button for users.
  8. The Apple was now supporting the launch screen apps which included with the third party titles for official app store too.
  9. The new software is TvOS which based in iOS.
  10. The new software optimised for the HDTV display for the users.
  11. Users can buy the apps and as well as also allowed to install the applications.
  12. With the recent software update, the users also allowed to terminate and get switched between the applications on Apple TV.
  13. New Apple TV was featured with the newly designed remote which has buttons in four directional.
  14. The menu selection is based entirely on touchpad area given on the remote.
  15. The button in touchpad area invoked with the commands of Siri.
  16. The new Apple TV provides the direct control with new home, volume, menu button controls.
  17. The new remote touchpad of Apple TV can work similar to the iOS remote application.
  18. The Apple TV remote gesture allows the user to click on the item focused.
  19. The remote is also incorporated with the new dual microphones for the voice capturing without need of holding the device.
  20. The modern build OS allows the developers to create new apps and will have personalised experience with the new software.


The arrival of the Apple TV will grab the all the small screen users and others as well. It is completely designed with the unexpected technology. This will be the audience expected device in forth coming days.

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