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Neo360 – Slow Motion Video On Demand Platform [Review]

Neo360 - Slow Motion Video On Demand Platform [Review]

Neo 360 launches a slow-motion Video On Demand mobile technology in New York, on 10th April 2017. Neo 360 Slow motion video On Demand mobile technology tested or Virtual Neo360 – Slow Motion Video On Demand Platform [Review]Reality headsets, a high-speed video can control moved to slow motion videos.

This was tested by FOX Sports, Neo 360 tie up with them for broadcasting Football game in December. Neo 360 was introduced mainly for startup companies to entertain the audience in sports technology.

Features Of Neo 360 Slow Motion Video On Demand Platform:

Currently Neo 360 works for a High Speed video clip, tested for 120 fps to over 1,000 fps, the bandwidth limit increased.

This technology given a chance to end users to control the High Speed, Direction of the longer high speed content and for future films running on tablets and smartphones.

Every sport announcers does not show the play in slow motion, the Neo 360 allow the end users to replay in slow motion, stop it, control the direction of play watch on their smartphones or tables.

Neo 360 succeeds in the challenge, that every gameplay or a video can be controlled in slow motion even it is not originally recorded from that mobile device.

Neo 360 technology working on integrating the sports companies in the US, Sports training tools for players, Leagues and all sports related mobile broadcast sports content.

Neo 360 platform can itself change the high speed content to slow motion videos. It encodes the high speed content in seconds and send it the content delivery networks that is mobile devices.

Watching sports with slow motion content, controlling in all directions, Sports highlights is the big deal and present trend in Sports Clubs.

Neo 360 charging for initial integration fee and recurring licensing model. Both the Android and iOS mobile users can test the demo of Slow Motion Video On Demand Platform.


The Neo 360 platform works for both, one is standard high speed video mobiles and other one is for 360 degree high speed virtual reality applications and demos. Neo 360 team provided demo links for Android and iOS users to test this platform.

Click Here iPhone User

Click Here Android User


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