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Top 10 Native Video Advertising Platforms for Advertisers and Publishers

Native advertising is the best form of an ad as it does not obtrusive and syncs with web content. With the usage of ad blockers increasing, publishers and advertisers are now opting for native ads on their blogs and websites. Here are the top native ad platforms for publishers and advertisers. allows selling and buying of ads in a real time bid system. Displays, email addresses, pops and domains can be purchased.


Since its establishment in 2006, Outbrain is the best native ad network. It promotes native ads by teaming up with leading publishers and marketers.


Nativo makes the entire process of native advertising very simple. It offers high-quality advertisements and has some reputable publishers.


Gravity is another best native advertising platform for publishers. Only those publishers who have a minimum of one million page views can join this ad network.


Triplelift is convenient and transparent native advertising platform for publishers. It is possible to gain insights of the performance of native ad network.


NativeAds is another best native advertising platform for publishers. The per click rate, however, is slightly lower.


Taboola helps the advertisers and publishers to monetize the content. It has more than one billion visitors on its publishing websites.


Adsnative is another best native advertising platform which has its offices in India also.


Bidtellect is a native advertising platform for marketers to execute native campaigns across devices including text, video and imagery.


Pubnative is a mobile native advertising platform for application publishers. It has a wide range of tools for managing the native ads.

The native advertisement is of different types. These include in-feed advertising which is the common native advertising type. These fit into the rest of the content flow. Native advertising platforms help to optimise the content fit to different media.

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