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Mobile Video Create Instant Music Videos & Social Network (Review)

Musically is an app that can be said as a higher level app to the likes of Dubsmash. This app allows lip syncing to popular songs. This works similar to dub smash. The user-created short videos and post them on the app.

These videos can be posted on various social networks. You can use various popular songs both new and classic ones.

A feature of that lets the app score over Dubsmash is that the speed of the video can be tampered by the users. They can make it either ultra slow or hyper speed.

The app was launched in the year 2014. There is a large user base for app across the world. The app targets teen audience. The users can create and share the short videos. The users of this app are referred as musers.

This social app comes with the ability to like, follow and comment on the video creations of others. Easy sharing tools are available in the app that lets Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social sharing easy. More than a million hashtags are there for in Instagram.

Musers of can have private accounts. All the accounts created or public accounts and users can change the settings to private.

The username and the name are public. It is also possible to turn off location settings.

This app, however, is not meant to be used to be used by children under 13 years. It lets create share and watch short music videos. The video can be up to 15 seconds long. It is also possible to set parental controls.

However, there is a risk of young kids being exposed to inappropriate content. Parents, therefore, must be careful in allowing their young children to use the app.

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