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Top 10 Music YouTube Channels for Music Enthusiasts

Music YouTube Channels


A twelve years old guy Bieber had created the sensation in the Music history of YouTube channel with the first album My World. He mostly releases albums on the theme of teenagers to attain the attention of Youth. So this channel is the number one in the YouTube trending music.


She was passionate about creating the albums in practical way. That means the viewers can get the feel by listening RihannaVEVO songs. Hence, this channel got billions of viewers in YouTube Music Channel and it’s become inspiration to others to start channel in YouTube.


This OneDirection channel was launched by group of five young people Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn. They all together will compose the songs with stunning performance and the listeners can enjoy the variation in tone at a time. Recently they had done album on One Direction History which shows the value of friendship and it got 243,227,529+ views which is unbelievable. This shows the familiarity of this in the Public.


Taylor Swift will write and sing songs on her personal life which is mostly attractive for the viewers and this is best and unique one we can find in her songs to become that much popular in the YouTube Music history.


We all know that Eminem was most famous singer in the present trend and one more thing we should know about him is that he is an actor as well. He mainly focuses on the Hip Hop kind of songs by grabbing the attention of present generation. Therefore, this EminemVEVO channel occupied the place in the list of top 10 music channels.


KatyPerry will release the albums of pop songs and rock songs and she will compose the songs that are really happening in our surroundings. The childhood singing of KatyPerry had made her to become pop star of YouTube Music Channel. she had achieved four Guinness Record for her albums.

7.Spinnin’ Records:

This channel will upload the songs with the combination of animated characters and it is the early channel of YouTube which was launched in 1999s and it has 15,660,135+ subscribers.


Skrillex will compose Hip Hop songs by playing electronic instruments by making viewers to get unpredictable enjoyment. Also he gives the live stage energetic performances which gets the more queues of public.


This one of best ever channel in YouTube that she gives astounding performance with mesmerizing accent. This make her to get huge number of fans for her songs.


Adele will give priority to the equality that means she will compose the songs that are viewed by everyone. She doesn’t consider specific theme to release songs. It made her channel to occupy topmost place in the YouTube Channel.

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