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10 Music Video Streaming Apps for Android

Video Streaming Apps

Android smartphones allow to store MP3 collection and it is very convenient way to listen to the music whenever you like. But since there is a limit to how many music files can be stored on the SD card or internal storage people are using video streaming apps to enjoy music.

1. Spotify: Spotify is the most popular music video streaming app for Android devices. You can listen to most famous artists to most obscure artists. You can get high-quality music streaming and there are very few apps that can reach the level of Spotify for now.

2. PlayTube music video app works with Android devices. Videos can be searched by keyword.

3. Hubi music video streaming app comes with features such as download, download manager, and no flash player requirement.

4. ServiiGo is another music video streaming app for Android device. This offers awesome UI and performance. The features include built-in player, free of charge.

5. Google Play Music: Latest Android phones get this app for free. If not, it can be downloaded easily from Play Store. This is one of the popular and best music streaming app for Android.

6. YouTube Music: This app was launched in the year 2015. The user needs to log into his YouTube account to use this app. The app also allows listening to the audio only form. This is a free app and ad supported.

7. Apple Music is another streaming service. This app is available for android users as well as the iOS devices.

8. Amazon Music is another video music streaming app. The user can upload songs and create playlists easily. Amazon Music is included in Amazon Prime Subscription bundle.

9. Vevo is another free music video streaming app. Live musical performance can be streamed. It has premiere music videos and HD videos.

10. Tidal is another music video streaming app for Android devices.

Above are some of the music video apps for Android. Some of them are free and easy to use. Choose the once based on your requirement and enjoy unlimited music on your smartphone.

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