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Multi-Device Live Transcoding – The Next Big Thing

Multi-Device Live Transcoding

What is Transcoding? Transcoding is the direct conversion from one encoding to another. Transcoding can be from analogue to analogue or digital to digital conversion. Transcoding across the multi-device is required when some of the devices do not support the existing format or want a reduced file size. The best practice of Transcoding takes place when the original format converted to the intermediate format and subsequently converted to target format.

Transcoding is applicable in many areas, but it has the specific requirement about the use of content on mobile phones. The mobiles phones come with the variety of features and also on different platforms. The hardware and software of mobile phones differ from brand to brand and from version to version.

This diversity in phones makes it necessary that the Transcoding is carried out to ensure that the content can view across many models/brands of mobile phones.

While talking on multi-device Transcoding, the important concept that comes for discussion is Adaptive Bitrate. Multi-Device Transcoding a technology that enables the audience to have the best possible viewing experience irrespective of the platform that they might be using. The varying platforms can be android phones, Apple devices, Windows phones etc.

Banking heavily on the live Transcoding many companies are venturing into this segment. The services of these companies, in general, include Transcoding the content from the formats such as flash media; flu motion (in software) and Viewcast & Digital Rapids Encoders (in hardware) and their output can be in the formats like windows video media etc.

Video Source : Wowza Media Systems

The stream manager, tool offers features like “preview” the quality of the live stream before publishing them, “settings” to modify the content to suit any of the formats, “start/stop” to have control over inputs & outputs.

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