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Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android Video Recording [Review]

Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android Video Recording [Review]

While you are recording video with your mobile phone everyone worries about two things one is smoothness and other is the quality of the video. There is one amazing app that can fulfil all your requirements look your video crisp and complete. Mobizen Screen Recorder has built-in functions and tweaks.

Mobizen is an impressive app with the wealth of stunning features and innovative technologies specially designed for Android and iOS users. The premise this app is easily monitored with Android phones, PCs, and Tablets. Mobizen Screen recorder app is easy to download, setup, user-friendly interface, easy to create and edit video recordings.

Amazing Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Simple things you need to do to work with the Mobizen environment, first download Mobizen Android app for your mobile phones, PCs and Tablets. Easy to connect with PC app and engagement with Mobizen website.

Mobizen screen recorder has built-in Video recorder, several functions and tweaks. Its presence is an important thing. You can easily create, edit, merge the video clips, Add music, photos and the video editing process.

It is a 100% free app and anyone can use Mobizen Video recording features. Only required OS for downloading is Android 4.4 and up. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

You can connect with over WIFI, USB and 3G. While using with 3G there is a small lag in recording, but with other WiFi and USB you can use extraordinary features of Mobizen.

Mobizen screen recorder has very powerful features they are,

Air Circle – recording button

FaceCam – add a camera on recording screen

Clean mode – removes all objects separate from recording

Watermark – add watermark to your video

Specific time – to record or shoot some videos.

Drag and drop – function for moves files PC to other mobile devices and transfer photos from other media to PC and mobile phones.

You can easily record screen in mobile and share gameplays. It works effectively on mobile phones on-screen drawing can enhance your presentation.
Get notifications to mobile and PC’s, and you can select any of them quickly with one mouse click.

High in Online streaming capacity, easily transfer your files from mobile to PC, streaming on big-screen devices and file sharing with friends.

Mobizen can use for cross-platform, that is you can use this app from some LG and Samsung with Mobizen 4.4 KitKat without root. But google play stores have restricted for some policies and guidelines for those companies.


When you consider all reviews about Mobizon, this is the best for screen recording and streaming and it’s absolutely free for Android users. It can easily pull content from Android devices from PC, Mac and share google plays.

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