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10 Mobile Video Usage Statistics in Germany

10 Mobile Video Usage Statistics In Germany

Mobile video usage has increased gradually with the new technology updates. The mobile phone users have increased across the globe. Smartphone had become the part of this busy life and new trends still become great buzz. The video usage also increased as it becomes easier to watch the content across the smart devices. Here are some important mobile video usage statistics reports in Germany.

1. More than 52 percent Germans are using the mobile devices for internet usage.

2. Most of the online activity in Germany region was noticed with a home stationary connection in 2014 and was changed rapidly to mobile devices by 2016.

3. The tablet usage has greatly increased in Germany and people are interested in utilizing the multi-devices for video watching.

4. Women are less likely to have a smartphone comparing to the men in Germany.

5. Women are using more than 80 percent times in a day than men who are using just 70 percent in a day.

6. Only one-quarter of mobile devices are using the 4G technology in 2013 and developed by 2016 and expected 100 percent transformation beyond 4G technology.

7. More than 66 million smartphone users are noticed in Germany by the end of this 2016.

8. Mobile video targeting has become most common targeting element for the video marketers in Germany and is reaping good ROI with the mobile video targeting.

9. Local mobile device targeting was earned great importance for the small business and startup local marketers.

10. Live streaming across mobile devices and 360 degrees are expected by the video marketers in 2017 in Germany.

All these above are the reports revealed by the various research and survey organizations in Germany on Video marketing and advertising.

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