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10 Mobile Video Statistics in Australia

YouTube Channel Audit 10 Mobile Video Statistics In Australia

The mobile video consumption was increased drastically in every country across the globe. Marketers are targeting the same to reach their audience online. Here are some important mobile video statistics in Australia.

1. The smart phone usage has increased from 13.5 million in 2015 to 17,2 million in 2016.

2. The tablet ownership is also increased in Australia from 7 million to 11 million and more than 60 percent time was spending on the smart devices in Australia.

3. An average time spent on smart devices by adults in Australia was increased by 13 percent. Mobile has become the major part of millennial and marketers must target the mobile devices in Australia to target the millennial.

4. More than 40 percent millennial research on the products when they are about to purchase.

5. Mobile devices has great impact on the consumer actions than the television targeting does. The number of people visiting the store to know about a product has increased. So marketers in Australia are targeting their websites and including the video content as a mobile friendly optimized one to get good traffic and sales conversions.

6. Utilization of the mobile application was greatly increased and it also had a good impact on the App campaigns.

7. Mobile app social media campaigns were driving great results for the marketers as tehya receiving better conversion rates in Australia by targeting the audience with mobile social campaigns.

8. 80 percent shoppers in Australia are going through their smart phone for support during the shopping in online stores.

9. A research report revealed that more than 72 percent Australians are depending on mobile phones more than Desktops while searching the information or ideas.

10. 72 percent people are more likely to go with smart phones while purchasing as well as watching product related video content on mobile devices as they can experience the better navigation and speed.

Therefore, all these above statistics revealed that mobile phone usage has boosted the sales and conversion leads for marketers in Australia and Smart phone for video watching were also gained great importance.

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