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Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Mobile devices become the remote of video marketing as the users can access the videos at their fingertips and the marketers can reach the audience from the different mediums with the mobile video advertising. Every marketer was turning towards the mobile devices as they are an increasing growth and engagement levels with the audience was when the content formatted towards the mobile phones.

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Though, it is a small screen but it powerful way of marketing for the marketers. Many top companies have made surveys and studies on the mobile marketing using the video as medium and revealed much stunning statistical data and concluded that there is no barrier for the mobile video marketing and it is the present and future of video marketing online.

Some Stunning Statistics about Mobile Video Marketing:

  • More than 45 percent people were watching Youtube videos via mobile phones.
  • More than 70 percent people are hopping online via smart phones from ecommerce websites
  • Many startup companies along with the large companies were creating mobile applications which can launch the user directly on to their ecommerce site.
  • There are approximately 250 million people were using the mobile devices in India
  • Global mobile subscriptions are approximately 2 billion by smart phones
  • More than2 billion people in the world were using the smart phones to access the social media sites.
  • More than 60 percent marketers are succeeded with the perfect mobile video marketing strategy
  • The watch time on smart phones are 5X times effective than the watch time on PC


Mobile video marketing has become one of the biggest advertising for all marketers. Where as mobile device consumption increasing at the same time mobile video consumption also increasing. The above is the ultimate guide for mobile video advertising Campaigns.

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